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Bart Sefton Bart_Sefton at QM.Salk.Edu
Sun May 14 13:26:33 EST 1995

In article <3ovp6q$fkp at cisunix1.dfci.harvard.edu>, Matthew Frosch
<frosch at dsg.harvard.edu> wrote:

> Does anyone know of programs (GCG or otherwise) which are useful in 
> determining potential membrane spanning regions based on primary 
> sequence data?

Most people seem to use the Kyte-Doolittle program/algorithm that
calculates the hydrophobic moment at every residue in a protein.  This
calculation reveals hydrophobic regions.  You need about 20 consecutive
hydrophobic/uncharged amino acids to form a membrane spanning helical
segment.  DNA Star will do this for you.  I don't know about other
packages, but the program is fairly standard.

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