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Akemi Yagi yagi2 at scripps.edu
Sat May 13 12:24:33 EST 1995

Matthew Frosch <frosch at dsg.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Does anyone know of programs (GCG or otherwise) which are useful in 
> determining potential membrane spanning regions based on primary 
> sequence data?
> I have a cloned protein which is probably a membrane protein based on 
> sequence homology with other proteins.  I would like to define the 
> membrane spanning domain based on the sequence I have (not just by 
> homology with other members of the class).  
> Thanks in advance for any guidance.
> Matthew Frosch

Try the "tmap" program written by Bengt Persson & Patrick Argos.
Here's a part of the readme file.
   This program predicts transmembrane segments in proteins,
   utilising the algorithm described in:
   "Persson, B. & Argos, P. (1994) Prediction of transmembrane
   segments in proteins utilsing multiple sequence alignments
   J. Mol. Biol. 237, 182-192"

You can find it at ftp.embl-heidelberg.de and the file is

Akemi Yagi
The Scripps Research Institute
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