Running GCG on a SGI indigo 2 R8000

Rodrigo Lopez rodrigo at biotek.uio.no
Fri May 5 04:38:34 EST 1995

In article <lnagata.5.000D1E2A at dres.dnd.ca>,
   lnagata at dres.dnd.ca (Les Nagata) wrote:
>Would like to know if anyone is running GCG ver. 8 (Unix) on a Silicon 
>Graphics indigo 2, R8000.  Not getting a clear answer on this question from 
>both GCG and SG.  Would greatly appreciate some help in this matter.  
>Please reply to Les Nagata        e-mail - lnagata at dres.dnd.ca 

Answer (a little guess work):

1. It should be posible to run the dist 'out of the CD' on your box
2. If you want to rebuild and get access to the libs for development you have 
   to make sure yu've got the right compilers (IDO set) as described in the
   GCG release notes.
3. Make sure you've copied the sources too.
4. You will have to make some correction to various scripts.
   see ftp://bioslave.uio.no/egcg/egcg8/000readme.unix for instructions
   which apply to installing EGCG as well.
5. Since you are probably running IRIX6, you will have set the C compilers
   flag '-32', either globally or add it to the metamake makefiles.

Hope this helps


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