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jimix at sickkids.on.ca says...
>We are in the process of purchasing a Unix machine specifically for 
>running the GCG software.  Does anyone know of any banchmarks and/or 
>reviews of how different machines run GCG.
>I would like to here ANY critisisms and/or praises based on the hardware 
>used, and if you have experience on more then one platform I would 
>definately love to here from you.



Here is my little experience: we've been running GCG on a VAX/VMS 6300 
for some years.
We are now turning to UNIX and, before buying a bigger machine, I've 
tried a small Dec Alpha server under OSF/1 (or Dec Unix), namely a 

1) Installation without any problem.
2) Impressive speed -as compared to the Vax. I've made tests on programs 
   that can be long to run such as FASTA, FINDPATTERNS, BESTFIT with a   
   great number of randomizations, etc... The small alpha server is about 
   10 times faster than the Vax. Hence a bigger server such as a 2100    
   is expected to run about 20 times faster than the Vax. This is        
   clearly due to both the gain in CPU and bus speed.
3) OSF/1 is certainly not worse than any other UNIX flavor... (we 
   also have Silicon Graphics and SUNs here).

I have no experience with GCG on other UNIX platforms (such as Silicon 
Graphics or RS/6000 or SUNs). I just can say that I'm perfectly satisfied 
with the Dec Alpha machine.

Good luck!


Jean-Loup RISLER
risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr
Centre de Genetique Moleculaire
91198  Gif sur Yvette  France

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