tree drawing

Przemko przemko at reks.uia.ac.be
Tue May 2 06:01:56 EST 1995

I have aligned >300 seqs via pileup (errors notwithstanding...). Now, let's 
assume that the alignement is more or less correct (which it is as far as I can 
see in my text editor).I use this *.msf file to calculate distances and then 
draw a tree, Here comes my problem, the drawing is forced onto ONE page (with 
>300 seqs the font size is <1 and I just cannot read it...)
I tired to:
-zoom in (-scale=1.5). But then I gen still one page with a part of the tree
-change the font size (to 6 from 3). No luck, I get an error message
I tried a few other things, and back doors but whatever I do, it generates 
either an error message or nothing or the same ONE unreadable page.
Does anyone have a solution to this problem, name how to draw a tree on more 
than one page?

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