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Gregory Quinn gquinn at COM1.MED.USF.EDU
Fri Mar 17 15:03:31 EST 1995

>Greg, in my last conversation with Maggie Smith the topic of GCG's 
>control ofWisconsin Package documents over the WEB was *VERY* much an 
>issue.  As in all things, documents are copyrighted.  The GCG ddocs as 
>well as the htmlized version of them, are also subject to the same 
>copyright restrictions that the hard copy manual is; namely reproduction 
>allowed on sites that have licenses only.

Tom, I don't think that anyone is suggesting that GCG waive their right
to protect either the copyright to their documentation or to the the
Wisconsin package; however, as the WEB manual system is presently set up,
the warning on the opening page that the manual only be printed at licensed 
GCG sites is completely unenforcable, and the situation *DOES* require
clarification from GCG. Frankly, GCG might do well to post the occasional
reply to give some indication where they stand to matters raised in this 
newsgroup; do they think this is forbidden territory? For example, we get
replies from SUN in the SUN newsgroups. No one is asking for a constant 
dialog, but good heavens....

The obvious and immediate solution to the documentation problem is:

1) put a copy of Freds GCG manual on their own WEB server, which they now 
have up and running. When they agree a license with a site, they add an entry 
to the .htaccess file of the  manual hierarchy root directory to allow 
access from that site. Thereby restricting access to licensed sites. This 
would allow sites that were unable to put up their own local copy

2) allow licensed sites to make a copy of the manual available on their 
own WEB server but prohibit global access to the GCG manual. Email the
handful of sites that currently globally server the manual to withdraw
permission to allow global access.

>Without a doubt The Wisconsin Software itself can only be available over 
>the web when restricted by password as with Marc Colet's GCG Menu.

IP zoned access restriction works just as well as password.

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