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In regard to WEB access to the manual, whilst I agree that copyright
must be upheld, GCG needs to make very clear where they stand on distributed
versions of their manual. I certainly encourage access to the
WEB manual, since it does the following: 

1) It cuts down the cost of aquiring and distributing the GCG manuals

2) It allows instant access to manual information to anyone at any place, 
any time, on site.

3) It's much faster to get to information through this interface, than via 
the 'genhelp' command and allows local printing of document pages (may be 
this is the sticking point).

4) It permits 'context sensitive' help in a WEB interface

GCG access is not about the manual, it's about the many useful programs that
people need to use in their molecular biology work, and this requires ready 
availability of information about how to use them. 

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Greg, in my last conversation with Maggie Smith the topic of GCG's control of 
Wisconsin Package documents over the WEB was *VERY* much an issue.  As in all
things, documents are copyrighted.  The GCG ddocs as well as the htmlized version
of them, are also subject to the same copyright restrictions that the hard
copy manual is; namely reproduction allowed on sites that have licenses only.

Please note the copyright notice on your own WWW page (by the way check out 
my page for the new copyright notice required by GCG - replace italics with 
your own institution).

Without a doubt The Wisconsin Software itself can only be available over the web
when restricted by password as with Marc Colet's GCG Menu.


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