How useful is GCG nowadays (vs Macs)

Foteos Macrides macrides at sci.wfeb.edu
Fri Mar 17 09:46:13 EST 1995

In article <3jqglk$oi at gap.cco.caltech.edu>, mathog at seqaxp.bio.caltech.edu writes:
> In article <Andy.Law-0603950924170001 at pc0519.ri.afrc.ac.uk>, Andy.Law at bbsrc.ac.uk (Andy Law (Big Nose)) writes:
>>  > Also, the online WWW GCG help manual (from Fred Plewniak) is really useful. 
>>Gregory, could you post a URL to this for me (either via the group or
>>personal email). I'd like to check this out.
> If it's there now, it won't be there long. For instance, have a look
> at:
>    http://sci.wfeb.edu/HELP/@gcghelp:genhelp
> Later,
> David Mathog
> mathog at seqvax.bio.caltech.edu
> Manager, sequence analysis facility, biology division, Caltech 

	Let's all be clear about this.  You need explicit permission from
Maggie Smith to put the GCG Help library and Manual on a public access
http server, but I'm not aware of her having denied permission to anyone,
and there's a mailto link for her in the above URL (so you can readily
contact her and ask 8-).

	You should *not* make execution of GCG *programs* accessible
to WWW clients other than ones running on systems which have a valid
GCG license.

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