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Jarmo Niemi jarnie at utu.fi
Tue Mar 14 02:49:15 EST 1995

Mary Remington (reming at ncifcrf.gov) wrote:
> I have received a sequence via email and want to put it in GCG format.  The 
problem is that Reformat wants a "divider".  I know that the divider is the 
two dots
> that go at the end of the header but, how does one go about getting them 
> I got the sequence into Word Perfect format but, can't get it to upload 
back to my directory.  Any help appreciated. Thanks, Mary

If the file is in WP format, Reformat won't be able to read it. Some way
you have to get it either into WP and save it as ASCII text, or find a
conversion utility from WP to ASCII. If you get it into WP, you can simply
add the two periods at the end of the last line of the header before saving
the file as ASCII: if you use a conversion utility, you can use any editor
available in your mainframe to add the periods.

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