WWW access to GCG and manual

Gregory Quinn Ph.D. gquinn at NICK.MED.USF.EDU
Fri Mar 10 23:56:35 EST 1995


Below is a list that was sent to me a few days back by Fred Plewniak
about places at which his GCG manual implementation could be accessed.

Also, Marc Colet has included a page with the www2gcg distribution about
the nature of the www interface he has created to GCG, which is useful if, 
like me, you were not aware of just how the interface works.....I have 
stuck this on my server at the following address


Also, Tom Zucker-Scharff from Albert Einstein has put together a great GCG
info page at


I agree with you entirely about the necessity for www clients to be able 
include file names as arguments for form text areas, to make sequence
submission easier. However, cutting and pasting is not too dificult (one
needs only to open a local document on the www client, 'select all', and hit
the 'back' key to return to the previous 'form' page or whatever). This 
has come up in writing an anonymous WWW interface to GCG, and also using the
new GenBank submission form, which would be made a thousand times easier 
to use if one had the ability to insert a file contents in a text area.

Best wishes

> Hello,
> For information, here is the list of sites that have been granted permission
> by the Genetics Computer Groups to provide access to the HTML manual :
> Europe :
>         IGBMC :
>                 http://titus.u-strasbg.fr/Computer/GCGdoc/Doc.html
>         Belgian EmbNet Node :
>                 http://ben.vub.ac.be/GCGdoc/Doc.html
>         Dutch EmbNet Node (CAOS/CAMM centre) :
>                 http://www.caos.kun.nl/GCGdoc/
>         Norwegian EmbNet Node :
>                 http://biomaster.uio.no/GCGdoc/Doc.html
> USA :
>         University of South Florida :
>                 http://www.nick.med.usf.edu/GCGdoc/Doc.html
> Best regards,
> Fred

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