How useful is GCG nowadays (vs Macs)

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Mon Mar 6 04:26:41 EST 1995

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gquinn at COM1.MED.USF.EDU (Gregory Quinn) wrote:

  > of the programs are (or that they are there at all!). I am hoping that
  > at my site, the installation of a WWW interface to GCG (from Marc Colet)
  > will educate people as to just what is available, and make using it as
  > simple as turning on their PC or Mac (and goodbye UNIX!).

Except that passing files in via the WWW is pretty difficult at present.
Cutting and pasting large sequences can become a bit of a drag, so local
file analysis is out of the window on that score until the HTML specs.
allow the attachment of a local file as an argument to an HTML Form.

  > Also, the online WWW GCG help manual (from Fred Plewniak) is really useful. 

Gregory, could you post a URL to this for me (either via the group or
personal email). I'd like to check this out.


Andy Law
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Andy Law

( Andy.Law @ bbsrc.ac.uk )
( Big Nose in Edinburgh )

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