Help with postscript output

Simone Ottonello ottonel at genes.icgeb.trieste.it
Fri Jun 30 08:24:35 EST 1995

iI use GCG 7.3 in a Sun station. I have a problem with postscript files.
All GCG programs seem only to utilize part of an A4 page while plotting a
postscript file. I would really appreciate it if somebody will suggests
how I can obtain a full-page postscript output. Many thanks for your help
on this matter.  
Riccardo Percudani Institute of Biochemical Sciences
University of Parma Viale delle Scienze 43100 Parma, Italy Phone:
(+39)-521-905-646 Fax:  (+39)-521-905-151 E-mail:
riccardo at irisbioc.bio.unipr.it

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