Plotting graphics

Molecular Biology sysadm at molbio.usc.edu
Wed Jun 28 14:53:08 EST 1995

sysadm at molbio.usc.edu (Molecular Biology) writes:

> Plotting Configuration set to:

>       Language: psd
>         Device: EPSF
>  Port or Queue: ps_acb427

	The pepplot (and helicalwheel) command produced a file 
called 'ps_acb427' which I printed using the 'lpr' command. 

	It would be nice if this command gives the X and Y coordinates
as an option instead of just the postscript file. There are a lot of
tools like MATLAB or MATHEMATICA to view the graph, with any magnification,
and to see any portion. 

	The -XSCALE -YSCALE -SCALE -XPAN -YPAN commands are not
actually sufficient to get information from the plot. I end up 
printing several pages - one for each section of the magnified 
postscript file.

	Is there any method to get the X and Y coordinates from these 
graphics commands, like peppplot?

	Thank you very much for your time.
	J Prakash


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