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Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jun 28 15:02:09 EST 1995

In article <3ss3vu$erq at molbio.usc.edu> sysadm at molbio.usc.edu (Molecular Biology) writes:
>   We have GCG 7.3.1 running on an UNIX machine (Sparc 10). There is a 
>   laser jet 4M plus printer on the network with a print queue. This printer
>   can understand postscript and text inputs automatically. So to
>   print text or postscript file, we use the 'lpr' command.
>   lpr -Pps_acb427 <file>
>   How can I redirect the plot output to the print queue?

You can "pipe" GCG output to the lpr command (even with VMS :-)

The command you need is:

% postscript laserwriter "|lpr -Pps_acb427"

which you can also put into setplot

The definition of the printer may be something other than "laserwriter".
GCG has several options there.

alternatively, you can send output to a file:

% postscript laserwriter gcgplot.ps

% helicalwheel

% lpr -Pps_acb427 gcgplot.ps

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