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>   > PRETTYBOX was written by Rick Westerman, and is is included in EGCG (not
>   GCG). 
>   > There is also a program PRETTYPLOT in EGCG that draws boxes but does not
>   > include shading.
>   At Caltech we had Prettyplot running with the GCG suite.  They don't have
>   it here.  Is it available as an "add-on" for the GCG suite of programs?

The EGCG "Extended GCG" programs are available as a pre-beta release
from ftp.sanger.ac.uk in directory pub/pmr/egcg8 (or pub/pmr/egcg8vms
for a VMS backup saveset version).

We are still working on some of the programs, including PRETTYPLOT,
but in general everything works with a little help from our support

PRETTYPLOT includes David Mathog's enhancement's from CalTech. They
are very useful - I suspect you would miss them :-)

More details from my Web page:


or from the release notes:


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