version 8.0 (or 8.1?) vs 7.2

David Womble dwomble at cmb.biosci.wayne.edu
Fri Jun 23 07:40:21 EST 1995

Vasconcelos Costa 385 (jcosta at pen.gulbenkian.pt) wrote:

: > The biggest change of all with version 8.0 is that it won't run on your 
: > SunOS.  You will have to switch to Solaris 2.4.  This is not a minor 
: > consideration!

: I doubt you have to upgrade to Solaris 2.4. I am using GCG 8.0.1 and the WPI
: graphic interface with Solaris 2.3 and I have not experienced any problem.

Sorry, I should have said Solaris 2.x, a major change from SunOS.  NB that 
although SunOS 4.2.x was sometimes referred to as Solaris 1.x, and Solaris 
2.x is sometimes referred to as SunOS 5.x, generally SunOS is considered to 
mean 4.x (are we all confused now?).  GCG binaries for for version 8.0 will 
not run under SunOS 4.2.x.  Version 7.x came with 2 sets of binaries, 1 for 
SunOS and 1 for Solaris.  

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