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In article <3scega$cr2 at news.ycc.yale.edu> Albert Crescenzo <atc at trna.chem.yale.edu> writes:
>   My lab has version 8.0 on our silicon graphics workstation.  Everyone keeps
>   asking,"How can I draw shaded boxes around consensus sequences made with
>   pileup?"  I know there is a program called "prettybox" that is currently
>   running on a vms version of gcg that is on our university biomed vax but is not
>   in our package.  Does this program do this and how can I obtain it four our lab
>   workstation?  Thanks

PRETTYBOX was written by Rick Westerman, and is is included in EGCG (not GCG). 
There is also a program PRETTYPLOT in EGCG that draws boxes but does not
include shading.

EGCG 8.0 is available for silicon graphics, DEC alpha and Sun (Solaris)
from ftp.sanger.ac.uk in directory pub/pmr/egcg8

This is a "pre-beta" release, which means that the EGCG team is still making
changes and cleaning up some loose ends.

The VMS version also exists, but still needs work - that is the main reason
we are still in a "pre-beta" stage.

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