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Roy Omond omond at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jun 21 10:22:54 EST 1995

In article <DAI3s3.8t6 at murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU>,
wrp at dayhoff.med.Virginia.EDU (Bill Pearson) writes:

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> gbmam.seq is about 23Mbytes, so on the alpha, the program was reading
> and searching >1 Mb/sec, without any degredation by simultaneous
> searches elsewhere.  fgrep on the same file took 33 sec, while cat
> from the NFS system to the local system took 57 sec.

Jeez... 23 Mbytes in 20 seconds real time translates into something
like 1.15 Mbytes/second which equates to 9.2 Mbits/second (excluding
packet overhead).

Was this over a standard Ethernet ?  If so, then that's more than
92% utilisation...

Well all I can say is that if you try to do that repeatedly here,
you'd end up being, *ahem*, rather unpopular with everybody else.

Now if it's over FDDI or ATM then that's another matter.

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