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Sat Jun 17 11:53:06 EST 1995

Peter Rice (pmr at sanger.ac.uk) wrote:

: As for batches, aliases, and other tricks - experience in developing
: EGCG 8.0 leaves me astonished that you find it easier on Unix.

Well, I think that both got their advantages. UNIX is surely better for 
one-liners and a reasonable script should count more non-alphanumeric
keys than 0-1 and Aa-Zz. 

The real pain for the user support is the teaching. We have been doing 
all three variants - VMS only, UNIX only, VMS and UNIX simultaneously
and the real problems are system-dependent such as 'I stored my files
in WPI and don't know the name. I have only 3000 files in this directory
and I want to add it to the main list window.' 

THEN you start the philosophy of operating systems. Within GCG, for the
end-user it doesn't matter that much any longer. 

For the GCG developer the story is even more tricky. Besides the already-
mentioned SUN problems I haven't made it yet on AIX either, due to the 
fact that the GCG 'wpiwm' program has unresolved symbols in the shell. 
We need to recompile - and noticed after having received the FORTAN 
compiler license that the FORTRAN PREPROCESSOR is separately licensed, too. 
My concern is that the current zoo of to-be-supported operating systems 
keeps growing, and makes it nearly impossible to offer good software for 
all platforms as they diverge so much. (Did I hear someone wants it for 


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