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> In article <19950615124144.bloksber at thomashaw-at.css.msu.edu>,
> bloksber at pilot.msu.edu  (Leonard N. Bloksberg) writes:
> > In Article <3r53pp$efq at reeve.research.aa.wl.com> "schultp at aa.wl.com (Paul Schultz)" says:
> >> The UNIX environment wins hands down in terms of overall performance from
> >> the users perspective.
> >> 
> >> Paul Schultz
> >> 
> > I'll second this.  We switched from VMS to UNIX on an SGI about 2yrs ago, and
> > I've been very happy with it.  Unix makes it easier for me to write batches,
> > aliases, and other tricks to make it easier for the computer illiterate 
> > folks in the lab to use GCG.  As archane as GCG can be, it is now (finally) 
> > in general use in the lab, while under VMS the staff considered it unusable.
> > I don't know where it's easier to run as a sys-admin, but if the end users
> > can't use it on VMS, who cares?  My .02.
I am surprised with this statement. For the last two years, I have used GCG
running on Unix but formerly I used it for some years running on VMS. I think
that the general user notices practically no difference between the two
versions, except for small differences in syntax (for instance, -Option
instead of /Option). Why was the VMS version considered unusable? Maybe
Bloksberg is comparing version 7/VMS with graphically interfaced version 8
in Unix.

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