Paul Schultz schultp at aa.wl.com
Wed Jun 7 15:56:25 EST 1995

Dr. G. Koraimann (koraimann at bkfug.kfunigraz.ac.at) wrote:
: Hi !

: We are currently using GCG 8 running on a Alpha AXP Server. Since this server 
: also fullfills other purposes we want to transfer the program onto a machine 
: that is devoted to GCG and sequence analysis programs only. Therefore, once 
: again, the question concerning the platform on which GCG programs run best 
: arises. Does anyone out ther have any ideas or suggestions whether VMS or UNIX 
: is a better choice for GCG ?

We recently made the move to UNIX (Sun Workstation) from VMS (Vax 6430). GCG
runs MUCH better on the UNIX workstation. To further substantiate this I
called GCG Inc. and asked which platform provided the best performance. The
immediate reply was UNIX. Even VMS on an Alpha is supposedly not as 
resposive as the UNIX/Sun set-up. Apparently, VMS just isn't as speedy as
UNIX in file handling and i/o.

So, although some may argue that the VMS GCG interface may be more polished.
The UNIX environment wins hands down in terms of overall performance from
the users perspective.

Good luck,

Paul Schultz

Internet: schultp at aa.wl.com

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