WWW2GCG beta testers please.

Gregory Quinn gquinn at COM1.MED.USF.EDU
Tue Jun 13 11:30:52 EST 1995

I was very keen to try out the WWW2GCG software when first announced, but 
the recompile simply made this impossible since I have GCG mounted on a 
Sparc running Solaris2.4. My understanding from talking to the folk at 
GCG was that it is impossible to compile properly v8.0 of GCG with the 
current version of FORTRAN compiler distributed by Sun, due to a known 
bug. This may have changed very recently, but I am still reluctant to 
recompile GCG 'cos it ain't that easy, unless you are particularly 
familiar with doing so. This is a pity, because a distributed WEB 
interface would make life easier for many 'occasional' users.

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