Modifying an MSF file ?

Jack Leunissen jackl at caos.kun.nl
Sat Jun 3 10:22:23 EST 1995

lluis at aaRS (Lluis Ribas) writes:

>   I am having troubles modiifying a PileUP MSF file
>   by hand for which I wnat, later, to obtain a 
>   profile with PROFILEMAKE.

>   Basicly I am taking the MSF file, editing it manually,
>   and trying to use it with PROFILEMAKE. But the program
>   claims that the alignment is not in GCG format.

You absolutely have to REFORMAT the MSF before you can use it again.
	reformat -msf pileup.msf{*}		on UNIX
	reformat /msf pileup.msf{*}		on VMS

and your MSF will be useable again.

Good luck,

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