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>What is the best X windows emulator for a PC and using a TCP/IP network
>to connect to a DEC work station runing OSF/1 v2.0? A reasonable price
>would also be nice.
>We also have a couple of Macs that would like to use the WPI too. What X
>windows system generally seems best for MACs??
>Jeff Smith -- ECU


Well, Quarterdeck, the QEMM/Desqview folks, have a pretty good X server
package, and it runs about $150, or so I'm told. It has a multitasking
operating system and tcp/ip support. MacX is pretty good for
Macintosh. I've not used it much or priced it, but the mac folks in the
department are pleased.

And of course, there's Linux... the unix-like OS for the intel x86
architecture. You can install tcp/ip support and run XFree86, the
X-windowing software, on your PC's. Its also available for other

Good luck!

Mark Whitsitt

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