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H.J. Sluiman mbhsl at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Thu Jul 27 06:22:39 EST 1995

In article <199507261645.JAA00524 at net.bio.net>, MBSMITH at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU writes:
|> I know this is a topic that gets a fair amount of coverage among this
|> group, but if you could indulge me one more time.....
|> What is the best X windows emulator for a PC and using a TCP/IP network
|> to connect to a DEC work station runing OSF/1 v2.0? A reasonable price
|> would also be nice.
|> We also have a couple of Macs that would like to use the WPI too. What X
|> windows system generally seems best for MACs??
|> Any information you can provide will be helpful since I don't know much
|> except for what GCG suggests.
|> Thanks for the help
|> Jeff Smith -- ECU
I don't know what the *best* emulator is but I recently compared the
latest versions of eXodus and PCXware (both for PC Windows). I used both
to connect my Novell LAN networked 486 to a remote SG Unix machine via
TCP/IP to run several x-applications and both performed satisfactorily.
Running XDM sessions can be slow, though, depending on connectivity, so I
now routinely use the REXEC protocol with the local window manager
PCXware is more expensive than eXodus but offers a few extras that eXodus
does not have but which may be useful to some users. Mac versions are also
available but since I only tried a previous Mac version of eXodus I don't
know how it compares with the PCXware equivalent.

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