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Guenther Merkens Merkens at Aurum.Internet.de
Tue Jul 25 05:28:48 EST 1995

On Wed, 19 Jul 1995 16:35:32 GMT, in article
<DBz1z6.6zK at news.cis.umn.edu> carlton at eelpout.ccbr.umn.edu (Carlton
Hogan) wrote:

>Please do not advertise in this group. It is obnoxious, opportunistic, and
>consensually forbidden to advertise in a USENET discussion group. It may look
>like "free" advertising to you, but in reality thousands of computers
>and routers across the net bear the cost of your ill-mannered, precipitate
>action. In addition, many people receive USENET by mail, where your
>message clogs up their spool files, and is possibly subject to a
>"per message" charge.

>It is universally recommended that you read the general FAQ (frequently
>asked questions) on posting to USENET, the "netiquette" FAQ, and the FAQ(s)
>of the news group that you are posting to *before* you post. FAQs are
>available at RTFM.MIT.EDU by FTP, Gopher, and WWW.

>A copy of this notice has been forwarded to the postmaster at your site,
>that (s)he may take appropriate action.

 [1200 lines deleted]


given the above arguments, is it necessary to post a copy of this
fucking 1200 lines here?


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