arrayed database?

Jasper Rees - Oxford University jrees at vax.oxford.ac.uk
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In article <3uo5rp$hkq at cwis-20.wayne.edu>, dwomble at cmb.biosci.wayne.edu (David Womble) writes:
> I would like to purchase a high performance hard disk array for the 
> machine on which we run GCG.  Is it possible to distribute the database 
> across the arrayed disks to increase search performance?

If you are planning to do this with RAID then the answer must be yes, and must
be available for whatever flavor of unix or OpenVMS you are planning. It will
be competely transparent to GCG or whatever software will access it, and you
will get the benfits of multiple spindles, lots of space and (depending on the
RAID level) the benefits of the redunancy for your data integrity if you want

But question 1 is, are you sure your system is actually IO bound when running
say Fasta? 

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