WWW2GCG beta_2.3 release

Marc Colet mcolet at ben.vub.ac.be
Tue Jul 18 09:45:02 EST 1995

WWW2GCG version beta_2.3 is now available.
What's new:
- access to EGCG
- no more awk scripts used during installation (replaced by perl scripts)
- html pages of GCG programs fit well now when input file is not a sequence
  (as when it is a sequence!)
- coupled programs ( like compare and dotplot) are effectively coupled
- some small bugs are solved
- I suppose there are some new ones!
I know two successfull installations on Solaris of version 2.2,
this release take account of acquired experience. 

Distribution can be found by anonymous ftp at "dec5.ulb.ac.be"
in "/pub/unix/bio/www2gcg" directory.

Marc Colet

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