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In <1995Jul13.134532.9944 at reks.uia.ac.be> przemko at reks.uia.ac.be writes:

> prettyplot has finally arrived to our machine. Thankx to Peter Rice for all 
> those color options etc.
> But, here is my problem.
> I would like to achieve the following
> -take file in msf format (BTW, why there is no conversion from Clustal .aln to 
> .msf format?. I know I can ask Clustal to give me .msf output but not all gcg 
> programs will recognize it)
> - color the aminoacids (including BACKGROUD - is it possible in the current 
> prettyplot?)
> - generate a .hgl (or any other VECTOR file).
> - import it into PowerPoint and make a slide of that (edit a bit if necessary)

We have a program that will read an .MSF file (and some other formats) and
produce a REGIS output (on screen or into a file). The sequence characters
itself are all in black but you may specify the background colour for each
amino acid, (some amino acids may have the same colour). There are converters
from REGIS to SIXEL and from SIXEL to HPGL... Ugly, I agree, but just in case
it could help.

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