prettyplot output

Przemko przemko at reks.uia.ac.be
Thu Jul 13 08:45:32 EST 1995

prettyplot has finally arrived to our machine. Thankx to Peter Rice for all 
those color options etc.
But, here is my problem.
I would like to achieve the following
-take file in msf format (BTW, why there is no conversion from Clustal .aln to 
.msf format?. I know I can ask Clustal to give me .msf output but not all gcg 
programs will recognize it)
- color the aminoacids (including BACKGROUD - is it possible in the current 
- generate a .hgl (or any other VECTOR file).
- import it into PowerPoint and make a slide of that (edit a bit if necessary)

Now, I can get the first and the second point to work. The problem starts with 
the third point. If my default output is set to postscript, even if I use 
-plot=filename option in the prettyplot, I still get ps_file NOT a HPGL file.
Second problem arises when I get my .hpgl file (because of fiddling with the 
setplot) and get onto my pc. PowerPoint converts it very nicely BUT it puts a 
multiple pages onto one. In other words, if my .msf is 1000bases long then I get 
10 pages overlapped onto one (TOTTALY UNREADABLE). My VERY UNEDUCATED GUESS is 
that the end-of-page command (or something like that) is missing from that .hpgl 
output of prettyplot.
Anyone could help me on that?
ThanX a lot!

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