egcg8 for Alphas ?

Rodrigo Lopez rodrigol at biotek.uio.no
Mon Jul 3 11:29:16 EST 1995

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>>Hi !
>>Possibly there is someone out there who can tell me whether a Open VMS 
>>of egcg8  is already existing or not.
>It's as available as the rest of EGCG (more or less).  The changes GCG
>put in place going from 7.3 to 8 required a lot of work from the EGCG folks,
>and that has slowed up their release schedule.  In any case. we've been
>using it for a while and almost everything in our several month old copy 

Since you mention you have a several month old copy I suggest you get hold of
the latest dist. sources from ftp://ftp.sanger.ac.uk/pub/pmr/egcg8vms. The 
help system is now in place as well as several bug fixes to various apps.

If you pick up the latest embnet.news newsletter, there is an article by Peter 
Rice describing the development of the package. Check out:


>Email to pmr at sanger.ac.uk for more info.

or email to egcg at embnet.org


Rodrigo Lopez
The Norwegian EMBnet node
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