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William Rideout writes:

>I'm looking for the elusive program CpGPLOT on GCG or in some GCG packages.
>I have heard that it does or did exist and have seen the output from said
>program, BUT in our UNIX GCG version 7.3 I cannot find it! Was it only
>available on the VAX version? Or is it a supplemental program that can be
>added as a tool?

CpGPLOT is not a GCG program but is an EGCG program (EGCG = extended GCG, a
group of GCG-compatible programs from the folks ay EMBL (now EBI)).  We have
the VMS 7.3 version; perhaps your system manager hasn't added EGCG.
The EBI crew is currently making EGCG compatible with GCG version 8.
Possibly the WPI interface is causing them some problems.
I think that EGCG version 7 is still available by FTP from EMBL.


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