Different interface needed for V8.0 altogether:TCP/IP clients

David Johnson johnson at biomed.med.yale.edu
Sat Jan 28 19:31:27 EST 1995

   Being almost completely ignorant about "client<->server" connections, I
cannot comment on much of the forgoing discussion about _conceivable_
interfaces.  The X-windows interface *sounds* like a good idea, until
enough people say that it is intolerable slow.  For the near future,
couldn't the interface be improved by simply giving more examples and
lists from which one might select (semi-menu) the answers.  For example,
the database specification could be made easier by providing a list of
reasonable possibilities (all, mammalian, human, yeast, etc.).  For
experienced users, these could be suppressed (non-verbose mode).
   *Seems* simple enough.  What do you think?
 you think?

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