GCG for DOS/Windows or Mac?

Fri Jan 27 23:03:39 EST 1995

	Currently, all of us who are involved in sequence analysis are 
using the GCG program on VAX/VMS. I have noticed that there is an Unix 
version of GCG. I am wondering whether there are GCG versions for 
DOS/Windows and/or Mac?
	I think most of the GCG users on the VAX at our school use programs 
like seqed much more often those those programs which need the network. 
You know, it could be a pain in the neck to use those GCG programs when 
the system loads on VAX are getting heavier. If you can edit these sequences
off the line or the network, and then upload the files up to the network. 
Life could be a little bit easier.
	I would like to know where I can ftp these source files if there 
are any on the Internet, and want to know whether these source files can 
be compiled under DOS or Windows if they are anonymously ftp'able. I also 
hope to know there are commercial GCG versions for DOS/windows and/or Mac.
	Thank you very much for your help.

	Yinrong Huang
	Today is 01/27/95, Now is 10:07 pm CST, USA

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