Different interface needed for V8.0 altogether:TCP/IP clients

Rob Harper harper at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Jan 27 08:54:01 EST 1995

In article <D32FDF.AJ6 at ebi.ac.uk>, ewan birney <birney at molbiol.ox.ac.uk> 

>Although both ideas have been corrupted in the WWW, they are
>still I think quite central to the WWW, and one of the reasons
>for its success because it allows separate development of clients
>and servers.

At a meeting in Chester last year I saw a poster presented by Marc
Collet and Robert Hertzog from the Belgian EMBnet node where they
showed how Mosaic could be used as a front end for calling up and 
running GCG programmes.

------------------- clip from http://ben.vub.ac.be/ ------------------
WWW Interface to GCG

Marc is presently working on the porting to GCG 8 of his nice 
(under GCG 7...) WWW2GCG package, an attempt to give GCG the 
good looking WWW interface you are using at the present time 
while reading this....
------------------- clip from http://ben.vub.ac.be/ ------------------

To have a peek at it go to http://ben.vub.ac.be:1810/ you wont 
get any further than this page since you need a user account at
BEN to get any further.


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