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In article <1995Jan25.185000.19644 at comp.bioz.unibas.ch>, doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch (Reinhard Doelz) says:

>You seem to imply that the X-Windows system 'is like'  GOPHER.
>May I draw a rough and very simplyfying plot on the differences: 
>                         GOPHER or similar           PC/Mac running
>                           PC/Mac Client                X Windows 

interesting stuff deleted (thanks, now I know the difference)

. You will also need to consider the quality of your access - your PC must run Internet in order 
>to connect, 

I have it :-)

>We calculate 30kB/s as a minimum line 
>speed (available sustained, not 'ping' timing). 

I'll have it in the next months :-)

>In addition to this, referring to previous postings in this thread, the 
>PC/Mac TCP/IP client solution is definitively worth looking into but requires
>a lot of programming. Your comments on pricing don't seem to consider that 
>current pricing is site-based and reasonable - making 'free' net access 
>available to all in the sense as you described is not a desirable option 
>for us (as providers). 

Reinald, you are perfectly right ...... But I'm not a programmer, I'm just a user of GCG ....
I was not writing to this newsgroup as a programmer who suggest something, infact I've not 
answered to any message talking about Vibrant or tcl/tk language .... I DON'T KNOW  WHAT THEY ARE! 
That was just my opinion as GCG user ..... in a discussion of which interface is better for GCG.
My meaning was: so far GCG need (especially for occasional users) a manual close to the keyboard ....
I would like a menu with a list of command and parameters I can use ... and the possibility of look the graphic result
immediately without the need of ftp it on my PC if I don't like it .... nothing more ..... A guy gave me the opportunity to try
GCG 8  (as I told before I've never tried it, so I cannot say if it is good or not) but what I read here (and I've translated in 
italian from my poor english) convinced me WPI is slow and not the ideal graphic interface for a so nice program like
GCG (forgive me if I'm wrong)
About internet.. Reinard ... let me say that when I'm away from my University, wherever I'm, I connect to my GCG 7.3 via
TCP/IP.... and that is really a good thing. Last year I was in Amsterdam for a congress (with an internet room) and I was
keeping in touch with my group .... .they had a problem with a sequence of a particular gene .. .well..... I connected with
Bari (italian EMBnet node) and I analized that sequence during the congress. Now, you can say this is only an example, but
I'm going in US for several months now ..... sure to use GCG in Italy whenever I need to use it. Thanks to tcp/ip!
About the price, I forgot to write in my first message GCG is not "free" for me ... I pay an annual fee to use it. I've my ID and my
password over there .... but is really better to have GCG  there then in my small University where, if I want to use it, I need
to buy an unix machine (or DEC)  I need to by the GCG package and, most important,  a non programmer guy (me) need to
install it!
Last thing ... I can use GCG onlyt because it is possible to use it via tcp/ip and beleive me ..... I'm not the only one ......

Massimo Delledonne

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