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Peter Rice pmr at unst.sanger.ac.uk
Fri Jan 27 10:20:23 EST 1995

In article <3gaqed$dn5 at ghost.sm.dsi.unimi.it> delle at pc.unicatt.it (Massimo Delledonne) writes:
>   My meaning was: so far GCG need (especially for
>   occasional users) a manual close to the keyboard ....
>   I would like a menu with a list of command and
>   parameters I can use ... and the possibility of
>   look the graphic result
>   immediately without the need of ftp it on my PC if I
>   don't like it .... nothing more ..... A guy gave me
>   the opportunity to try
>   GCG 8  (as I told before I've never tried it, so I
>   cannot say if it is good or not) but what I read here 
>   (and I've translated in 
>   italian from my poor english) convinced me WPI is slow
>   and not the ideal graphic interface for a so nice program like
>   GCG (forgive me if I'm wrong)

Correct me if I have the wrong impression, but would it help you
to have the GCG manual available on your PC or Mac (including graphics
examples) ?

I worked on a project to do this through hypercard some years ago,
with some Italian friends. Then GCG changed the way the documentation
was procesed, and we agreed to drop the project until GCG 8.0 was
out. It should be possible to do something similar with Windows help
files generated from the manual, and of course html.
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