different interface needed for V8.0 altogether;tcp/ip clients

gquinn gquinn at nick.med.usf.edu
Thu Jan 26 19:19:10 EST 1995

Quick posting following my original about the need for server/client 
software to improve the use of GCG. It's been informative
to follow the discussion.

I heard from a few sources (one direct from GCG) that they are planning
to make (have already made?) a TCP/IP client/server setup. My 
concerns over this are 
1) I will have died of old age before this becomes available
2) It will be tied into some peculiar licensing system they will 

I see a very real opening for such client/server software; someone
informed me that Intelligenetics had devised a Network 
program to run on Macs. A similar initiateive from the GCG user
community would be very useful.

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