Different interface needed for V8.0

Dylan Bulseco bulsecod at ucs.orst.edu
Wed Jan 25 17:42:30 EST 1995

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>Subject: Re: Different interface needed for V8.0
>Date: 22 Jan 1995 18:00:10 GMT

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>> Following the sudden resurgence in interest in X-windows emulators
>> since the release of GCG V8.0, I am prompted to add the following.
>[stuff deleted]
>> What  am suggesting (in a long-winded fashion!) is that GCG should
>> NOT be concentrating on honing their X-interface to perfection,
>> but rather developing TCP/IP clients that would run on local Macs
>> and PC's, and would connect to a GCG daemon running on the server
>> that would handle program requests, submit them, and send them back 
>> the remote PC/Mac. I this way, data throughput would be enhanced
>> enormously, sequence data would be physically located on the machine
>> and the program could have a graphical interface even when used from
>> home or very remote locations, using the now-common SLIP or PPP
>> protocols or emulators (eg. TIA, Twinsock) and connecting via
>> a modem/telephone line. The people at NCBI have done exactly this
>> for Entrez very successfully, which runs superbly over a modem/PPP
>> modem/SLIP or modem/Twinsock. This is the obvious way forward.....
>> I wish I knew enough about programming to write the client software
>> myself, but my guess is that this would be a relatively easy thing for
>> someone to do, using the mechanism created for WPI.

>Exactly my thinking! Personally I find the GCG X interface
>dissapointing. A clean Mac interface is what the people want (at least
>here at our site). The best of all worlds would be to integrate
>functions like sequence editing into the Mac client and use Mac Apple
>events to talk between the GCG client and, say, Sequencher or other
>nice Mac programs for special functions.

>Just my thinking

>Ruediger Fritsch

>Max Planck Institut f. biophysikalische Chemie
>Abt. Molekulare Zellbiologie
>Am Fassberg 11
>D-37077 Goettingen
>rfritsc at gwdg.de

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