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Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Wed Jan 25 13:50:00 EST 1995

Massimo Delledonne (delle at pc.unicatt.it) wrote:
: future a lot of goups will  start using GCG via Internet. You don't need to 
: know ANYTHING about programming, you don't have unresolved configuration
: I would like to use GCG exactly as I can retreive sequences from Genebank,
: EMBL etc. via Gopher... 

You seem to imply that the X-Windows system 'is like'  GOPHER.
May I draw a rough and very simplyfying plot on the differences: 

                         GOPHER or similar           PC/Mac running
                           PC/Mac Client                X Windows 
CPU doing computation         remote                     remote 
CPU doing presentation        local                      remote 
CPU doing display             local                      local
Application                   local                      remote 
Additional display sw         none                       local
Data storage (save/print)     local                      remote
Data access (read/load)       local (if any)             remote 
preferences file              local                      local and remote
nature of the local program   client                     server
nature of the remote program  server                     client, appl.server
authentication                none locally               remote required 
need an account remote        no                         yes
need a disk remote            no/maybe                   yes
scratch data                  local                      remote 
application error messages    local                      remote 
state of connection           stateless                  stateful
duration of connection        only while query           session 
'conditionality'              dealt with remotely        dealt with remotely
mouse clicks affect program   locally                    remote based 
data sent for 'window'        formatted text             commands and text
data sent by customer         text                       commands 

I think that using a mouse does not imply ease of access, and certainly 
X-Windows on Wide Area Networks is a headache in Europe. You will also need
to consider the quality of your access - your PC must run Internet in order 
to connect, AND run an X-Windows server in order to be able to use the 
X-Windows system. Whereas the DOS system has public domain tools for TCP/IP, 
or delivers it with reasonably purchased computers (Mac, WfW3.11), the X 
server system needs to be purchased and requires (a) at least a 17 inch 
monitor, and (b) at least 8 MB RAM. We calculate 30kB/s as a minimum line 
speed (available sustained, not 'ping' timing). 

In addition to this, referring to previous postings in this thread, the 
PC/Mac TCP/IP client solution is definitively worth looking into but requires
a lot of programming. Your comments on pricing don't seem to consider that 
current pricing is site-based and reasonable - making 'free' net access 
available to all in the sense as you described is not a desirable option 
for us (as providers). 

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