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Keith Robinson keith at bones.biochem.ualberta.ca
Wed Jan 25 13:54:32 EST 1995

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> Hi.
> We at the University of Washington will soon be getting the UNIX version of
> GCG.  We currently have the VMS version.  Altogether there are about 800
> with 200 folks using it daily and perhaps 5-20 using it simultaneously.  Does
> anyone else out there have a similar-sized GCG user population?  What kind of
> platform do you use?  How much memory?  How fast a processor?   What would you
> change if you could, given your current experience?

As a point of reference, here's our setup:

We're a small site - about 60 users, 0-3 simltaneous users of GCG v8
and/or IntelliGentics' IG-Suite at any one time. We're running on a
SparcStation 2, with 48 Mb of real memory and 2+ GB of disk space
under Solaris 2.3. GCG program code occupies about 95 Mb (45 MB
of binaries, the rest are support files). GCG databases occupy
about 1.1 GB at present - each new database release adds about
50-75 MB to that total. Currently we're running v8 with about
75 MB of virtural memory.

What would I change? Making the databases smaller would be a good
start... But since I can't change that, here's my short list:

1. Get more disk space on-line. 2 Gb of disk is barely enough to
   hold Solaris + GCG + IG-Suite + databases for both + user space.

2. More physical memory to cut down on the amount of swapping
   necessary when things get busy. 128 MB wouldn't hurt - unfortunately
   our SparcStation 2 is limited to 64 Mb

3. Faster CPU e.g. a SparcStation 20. But you can *always* use
   more horsepower...


 Keith Robinson                   The University of Alberta
 keith at bones.biochem.ualberta.ca  Edmonton, Alberta Canada

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