Different interface needed for V8.0 altogether:TCP/IP clients

Peter Rice pmr at unst.sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jan 25 10:07:16 EST 1995

In article <1995Jan25.113301.15458 at reks.uia.ac.be> derijkp at reks.uia.ac.be (Peter.DeRijk) writes:
>   I believe it is possible, and even the way to go. I am currently writing
>   a project to create an easy to use evironment for sequence analysis. It
>   will run the interface locally, and should incorporate local as well as
>   remote services (which might include programs in GCG) seamlessly. I
>   would start on this project after I have finished my Phd. (but as
>   always, the execution of this project will depend on whether it will
>   get funding.)
>   This project will be based on The Tcl/Tk language. I have had very
>   good experiences using it to create an interface to my multiple
>   sequence editor DCSE. (for more information about tkDCSE and Tcl/Tk,
>   visit URL:  http://www-rrna.uia.ac.be/~peter/dcse
>   In my vision, the interface and even most of the tools would run
>   locally in a Tcl/Tk interface. For some analyses, database searches,
>   etc., a set of commands and data can be executed in an interpreter
>   running on another machine (server). Naturarly, other services can be
>   accessed as well, by executing their programs.
>   If other people are interested in this project, have suggestions or
>   want to cooporate, I can be reached at derijkp at reks.uia.ac.be.

I am also becoming interested in Tcl/Tk as a GCG interface. I have been
looking at porting the EGCG programs into the UK CCP11 project, which is
a Tcl/Tk based general user interface for biological software.

My early impressions are that it could be a very nice way to put things
together, better to use than WPI and able to integrate GCG, EGCG and other
programs. It would allow, for example, the easy integration of GCG with
a non-GCG multiple sequence editor.

I believe there are other groups also looking at Tcl/Tk for their
software, so some consensus may be beginning to appear.

I have considered other approaches in the past, including generating
the GCG command line on a Mac (this was with Will Gilbert, rather than
Don Gilbert :-) but those methods are even worse to maintain than WPI
and no standard ever emerged.
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