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Massimo Delledonne delle at pc.unicatt.it
Tue Jan 24 09:29:35 EST 1995

A lot of people talk about WPI ....  
In Italy we have (I think) few copies of  GCG ..  the (for sure) most used
is a GCG 7.3 on a VAX cluster in Bari (EMBnet italian node)... I think they 
are moving from VMS to Unix so they didn't upgraded yet to GCG 8.
we reach them via TCP-IP and we don't have a very fast connection.
I don't know the X word, but if my understanding is correct, X need to
exchange a lot of graphical informations with the client slowing down the
already slow performances with slow lines .....
I think the idea of develope GCG with TCPIP would be great, I'm pretty sure in the 
future a lot of goups will  start using GCG via Internet. You don't need to 
know ANYTHING about programming, you don't have unresolved configuration
your server is never down and you use ever the latest version  (usually)
just because a couple of guys per Country take care of it (I'm talking about 
small Universities like mine and research groups spread all over the world, not about 
big Universities with a BIG computer center

In this case you don't have a fast graphic terminal close to the server, you are
miles and miles far from it .... and in this case what is better of Internet? OK, GCG 
will sell less copies .... just increase the price for those sites :-)

I would like to use GCG exactly as I can retreive sequences from Genebank,
EMBL etc. via Gopher... 
Just a graphic interfaces that give you a graphic menu where you choose
the program and you are prompted to insert the options ....... and.......
the possibility of see the graphical result......... nothing else ....


BTW, I connect with VT100 emulation so I'm not able to get the graphic results
on my screen ... I need to save the graph in a file on the server and then
to FTP it on my PC before to see it. I would like to try  some good graphic
terminal but I don't have one ........

About the format of the graphic file people was talking about ....
what is better then JPEG? It is an universal format and, mainly, it keep
the file size small.... 

Just my tought :-)

Massimo delledonne

|  Massimo Delledonne, PhD                     
| Istituto di Genetica vegetale              
|  Universita' Cattolica S.C. Piacenza -ITALY- 
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