Different interface needed for V8.0

Ruediger Fritsch rfritsc at gwdg.de
Sun Jan 22 13:00:10 EST 1995

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> Following the sudden resurgence in interest in X-windows emulators
> since the release of GCG V8.0, I am prompted to add the following.
[stuff deleted]
> What  am suggesting (in a long-winded fashion!) is that GCG should
> NOT be concentrating on honing their X-interface to perfection,
> but rather developing TCP/IP clients that would run on local Macs
> and PC's, and would connect to a GCG daemon running on the server
> that would handle program requests, submit them, and send them back 
> the remote PC/Mac. I this way, data throughput would be enhanced
> enormously, sequence data would be physically located on the machine
> and the program could have a graphical interface even when used from
> home or very remote locations, using the now-common SLIP or PPP
> protocols or emulators (eg. TIA, Twinsock) and connecting via
> a modem/telephone line. The people at NCBI have done exactly this
> for Entrez very successfully, which runs superbly over a modem/PPP
> modem/SLIP or modem/Twinsock. This is the obvious way forward.....
> I wish I knew enough about programming to write the client software
> myself, but my guess is that this would be a relatively easy thing for
> someone to do, using the mechanism created for WPI.

Exactly my thinking! Personally I find the GCG X interface
dissapointing. A clean Mac interface is what the people want (at least
here at our site). The best of all worlds would be to integrate
functions like sequence editing into the Mac client and use Mac Apple
events to talk between the GCG client and, say, Sequencher or other
nice Mac programs for special functions.

Just my thinking

Ruediger Fritsch

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