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Keith Robison (robison at lipid.harvard.edu) wrote:
: Kelvyn Johns (wmckaj at thor.cf.ac.uk) wrote:
: : Can anyone tell me about a piece of software called Eugene?
: : I was told that it provides a friendly interface to GCG programs,
: : but have not been able to find anything more.

: Eugene was its own package independent of GCG, but with a friendlier
: front-end.  I believe it's commercial supplier killed it.

: GCG version 8 includes an X-windows interface.  Other approaches to
: "nicing" GCG are using it through GDE (UNIX) and the GCG menu
: package (VMS). 

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There is a very nice set of hypertext menus for UNIX called 

They can be obtained by ftp from biomed.nus.sg:/pub/biocomp

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