How useful is GCG nowadays (vs Macs)

Gregory Quinn gquinn at COM1.MED.USF.EDU
Tue Feb 28 00:34:50 EST 1995

>If you are a programmer, GCG is (the only package?) which allows
>some nice calls to the GCG code to allow your program to
>use GCG's database management systems, which is remarkably useful
>and a very positive feature of GCG.

I agree entirely. Because of the way that GCG operates, it's well
suited to the programmer who needs to incorporate some of the
programs into a tailored local procedure.

>And I believe that GCG is quite cheap for what it offers. You do
>need though a mainframe machine (though some people have said

Again, I think this is true. Within GCG is a vast array of well thought out
and unique programs capable of assisting greatly molecular biologists and 
protein people. The people at GCG seem to be very open to suggestions
about program improvements/new programs, and I can't imagine many Mac
program vendors distributing source with the binaries, to permit
bug recompiles.

But, without wishing to harp back to previous postings about GCG
interfaces, the suite of programs is in danger of being ignored
in favour of Mac/Windows applications of lesser ability, simply on
the grounds that there is a general exodus away from direct interaction
from UNIX apps. Many people simply do not realize just how useful some
of the programs are (or that they are there at all!). I am hoping that
at my site, the installation of a WWW interface to GCG (from Marc Colet)
will educate people as to just what is available, and make using it as
simple as turning on their PC or Mac (and goodbye UNIX!). Also, the online
WWW GCG help manual (from Fred Plewniak) is really useful. 

The days of all molecular biologists also being part-time UNIX hacks is
over; many simply are not, and it's no good ignoring this....this is the 
area that GCG is falling behind in, it's certainly *NOT* the lack of good
or programs.

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