EGCG/sigcleave bug ?

Peter Rice pmr at unst.sanger.ac.uk
Mon Feb 27 05:08:21 EST 1995

In article <01HN9BLOI90W000E21 at crcvms.unl.edu> CSMITH at CRCVMS.UNL.EDU ("CHRISTOPHER M. SMITH") writes:
>   Hello Fellow GCG Users/Admin,
>   We have a problem running sigcleave (EGCG suite) from individual AND the system
>   account. Rather than going into prompting for file names, etc, it just quits 
>   with a VMS protection violation.  
>   We tried getting a new copy from the EMBL ftp server, but it has the same 
>   problem. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions on what the problem is, or 
>   where we might find a new (and hopefully bug-free) copy of source code 
>   for sigcleave.

Assuming you picked up EGCG from the EMBL server, and not GCGEMBL (that
supports GCG 6.0), and you are running GCG 7.2 or 7.3 you should have
no problems.

If you are running GCG 8.0, then EGCG is not yet supported. We have a beta
test version for Irix 5.2, and will begin OpenVMS testing shortly.

Instant access violations in EGCG almost always mean incompatibility
with the GCG version, but you don't say what other EGCG programs do.

You should contact me directly for more information about your problem.

The URL for more information about the EGCG port is:


the release notes are:


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