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Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Wed Feb 22 10:06:37 EST 1995

from : Belgian EMBnet Node

The answer is simple. There are three kinds of GCG programs that
you will not find in the wpi menu :
- fetch and names, since their function has been taken over by
  the database browser.
- a number of programs that do not allow command line control, like
  extractpeptide and repeat. The reason is that the wpi functions
  by writing a command line and giving it to the "naked" GCG.
- the egcg programs and any local programs you might have. To make
  a program accessible from the wpi, you must add a XXX.config file
  in the directory .../gcg/gcgwpi/config but this is not apple-pie,
  the more that GCG does not (yet) distribute a wpi support manual.

	Dr. Guy Bottu

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