Automatic translation

Dave Saul dj.saul at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Feb 20 23:38:37 EST 1995

In article <pevillan.27.793012522 at nlh.no>, pevillan at nlh.no (Per Villand) wrote:

> Why is there in GCG no program (or is there?) that translates an EMBL/
> Genbank DNA sequence file automatically to an amino acid sequence file 
> according to the information for transcription, splicing and translation 
> provided in the file? It is quite boring to do this manually, and should be 
> an easy task for a computer.

Easy way is to simply cut and paste the peptide sequence from the database
file to a new one and then use reformat to change it to gcg format. 

On another note, it would be nice if stringsearch could search for
specific fields in the headers.


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