## Automatic Translation PATCH ##

- Dave Wang - ddw2 at woodlawn.uchicago.edu
Mon Feb 20 00:31:20 EST 1995


Regarding the automatic translation question that was posed earlier ...
Yes it does exist in Version8 of GCG but only at the commandline.  The
command is:


It translates your nucleotide sequence into all six reading frames (three
forward and three backwards) then concatenates them for you.

Unfortunately it does not exist in WPI because it does not support the
protocol that allows sequences to be recognized by the output manager.
However, you can get around it by using:

	Sequence --> Add

You can get a "fix" to add it into your wpiconfig-file directly from GCG.
I've told them that getting rid of PepData at the GUI-level is a big
mistake.  Incidentally their email address is:

	help at gcg.com

Take care and feel free to ask me questions.

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University of Chicago

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